Thursday, 6 October, 2022

Site Rules

  1. It is not allowed to spread closed information (screening, copying, etc.)
  2. Obscene words, insulting each other and using hate speech are not allowed in the comments
  3. The registered user account will be deleted from the site, if at the end of the payment day (10th of each month) the amount will not be credited to the account specified by the administration)
  4. Deleted user due to non-payment can be restored after the amount is credited
  5. The site administration reserves the right to change the registration fee and also to change the relevant rules
  6. The ticket of the day and the predictions posted by us on the site do not constitute an obligation that the prediction and the ticket will be 100% justified, therefore the claim will not be considered.
  7. Other than non-payment of money, recovery of the deleted user site due to violation of other rules will not be considered
  8. Agreeing to register on the site (transfer money and provide information) means agreeing to the rules of the site and therefore no further claims will be considered.